When do I know when to refinish my hardwood floors?

When do I know when to refinish my hardwood floors?

One of the many great things about wood floors is that they last for decades, and it usually only takes hardwood refinishing to bring them back to their original beauty. It also provides the opportunity for you to change colors just by sanding floors and re-staining them.

When you need hardwood floor refinishing

Generally, you'll need to refinish your floors every six years because it's a great way to clean the floors and extend their life-- not to mention it's a lot less expensive than replacing them. However, there are times you may wish to do it more often, such as if the floors look excessively scratched and dull to you. If you see any of these, call for hardwood refinishing services right away.

  1. Gray spots. These require immediate care because this indicates water damage that has oxidized, hence, the gray color. When ignored, the spots will keep getting darker and darker until they become black; then, no refinishing will repair them.
  2. Fading and discoloration. If the floor is in a sunny room, in direct view of harmful UV Rays, know that it will fade the floors and even make them change color. Have them refinished, and then protect them with a suitable window covering.
  3. Water stains. These are unmistakable signs of water damage, such as leaky pipes, air conditioner drips, or spills that just weren't attended to.

If you still can't tell if you need it

Place a drop of water on your floor. If it doesn't sink at all, or if it does so very slowly, you can probably go for a few months without refinishing or need a simple one (no sanding, just re-staining). However, if it sinks in quickly, call for hardwood floor refinishing services immediately.

We want to help you keep your floors looking great, and hardwood refinishing is the best way to do this with wood floors. So come into the Floorz showroom in Brentwood, TN, serving Brentwood, Nashville, Oak Hill, and Franklin. Ask about our free quotes.